Drinking Deeply

Friday, August 03, 2012 at 4:26 PM

Christ in the mundane

In 1 Timothy 5:9-16, Paul gives instructions for enrolling widows (presumably to financially support them because they have no where else to turn but God).  What jumped out to me about this passage is Paul's commands to younger widows.  he doesn't tell them to go to all night prayer meetings (like the older widows are involved in (5:5), but he says, they are to "marry, bear children, manage their household." (5:14). 

Notice the contrast - seeking God for younger widows does not look like v.5 - "continues in supplications and prayers night and day", but instead it is very simple and earthy,  it is "marry, bear children, manage their households."  This is a good reminder that God doesn't care only about the deep passionate on-fire worship that prays all night, but he cares about the simple obedience in the "day to day" activities.  God calls us to honor him through loving our children, caring for our relatives, serving our neighbors.  Yes, we can go to an all night prayer meeting, but all-night prayer meetings don't determine whether or not you are spiritual.  Daily life does! Do I grumble, complain, gossip?  Or do I serve joyfully, have contentment, love others? 

May Christ give us the strength to love him through the mundane.  

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