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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 2:31 PM

Random thoughts

I just got back from ETS in Atlanta, which is a huge convergence of biblical scholars and pastors where people share papers on what they've been thinking about. The main theme this year was Justification by Faith, with main speakers NT Wright, Tom Schreiner, and Frank Theilman. So this is a bit more on the academic side of things. Apologies in advance.

I still think NT Wright could do much about clarifying whether or not he thinks future judgment will be on the basis of our works, Christ's works, or a mixture of both. He changed his language to "according to," but it seems like his position is not changed. But what was his position? No one knows because each time someone tries to pin him down, he says, "no no, you don't understand me." A bit frustrating.

I've been debating a bit with some of the 1st years and my NT prof on baptism. As one of the only people in my class who believe in infant baptism, it's been refining. Interestingly enough, as I've become more convinced of the infant baptist position from Scripture, the historical argument for believer's baptism has shaken me more.


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