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Monday, March 23, 2009 at 8:20 AM

On the road (1)

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore...

Thus far, I've been to Fresno CA, St. George UT, Grand Junction CO, and am now at Sterling, CO. Hooray for free internet at Super 8!

Some isolated thoughts, in roughly chonological order.

I finally got to sit down and have a talk with Allen on the car ride. I had always respected him a great deal and it was good to talk with him and hear how he's been doing, especially with getting married soon. That fact continues to blow my mind. The sophomores are growing up! Well, actually, they've already grown up, being as they're seniors now. But always sophomores in my mind =p.

I could definitely see myself moving to a small town and just enjoying the slower paced atmosphere. There was a distinct change in the mannerisms of people as I left the Bay Area. Something simpler and slower, can't put my finger on it.

It's cold at night! I couldn't actually find a place to stay at St. George, so I actually decided to keep driving. Started getting really tired so pulled over at a rest stop and fell asleep with a blanket. It had been really warm that whole day. Woke up at 2am, grabbed an extra blanket. Woke up again at 4am, grabbed another blanket. Woke up again at 8am, a bit chilly. Thankfully, the rest stop was one of the most well-maintained and cleanest stops I had ever seen in my life, didn't feel dangerous at all to be sleeping in a well-lit parking lot.

Utah is gorgeous! I couldn't believe my eyes how majestic and awe-inspiring the plateaus were. I could not take it all in they were so big! And yet somehow so sculpted. I think one of the strongest arguments for intelligent design is awe and joy. How can a person gain so much pleasure from just a visual picture of something he will probably never get to actually interact with?

Boo on Google maps for not properly leading me to Canaan Way. Just goes to show that I definitely needed Grace to lead me there. Thankfully, Grace's mother and a clear cell phone connection will do.

I got head-butted by a baby boy! My hostess (with the mostest!) also invited a young couple to dinner the same evening I was there. Tom had just recently graduated from Southern Baptist and we had a delightful time hearing his stories as a substitute teacher and other adventures. His son Asher (from Hebrew - Happy or Blessed; you can always tell the seminary grads =p) was this delightful little guy. While I was sitting on a couch and he walked up to me and looked up with these huge eyes. What could I do? I picked him up and set his feet on my lap. *tonk and he headbutted me! I was rather surprised and laughed. And he giggled and *tonk again. Now everyone was watching and chuckling. *tonk once more. Hello to you as well Asher!

Lots more, but I need to go before this storm comes through and really makes the drive rough.


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