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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 5:28 PM

Gideon and the 300

An email I just sent to my fellowship.

Hey all -

Just wanted to let you guys know that I got in safe to Naperville, IL
earlier this aftternoon. Thanks for all your prayers and
encouragement. It actually has been significantly easier than people
had told me. Praise the Lord. Lots of time for thinking, prayer,
singing (good thing no one else was in the car with me! =p), and
calling people.

I wanted to share a brief thought of encouragement for y'all. As I
was sitting in a motel in Sterling, CO, the Gideon Bible was sitting
on the desk next to my bed (Thank God for that ministry! They have
done such an invaluable service to the Kingdom just through the simple
act of distributing the Word of God.) and I was reminded of the story
of Gideon in Judges 7, specifically the Lord's point that Gideon
actually reduce the army of the Lord in order that they may glorify
the Lord because of His strength and they may not boast in their own

I had been thinking and praying for y'all as I had been driving and
remembered that you had been trying to invite more people and grow the
ministry. Keep at it, doing the work of an evangelist, but don't be
discouraged if the Lord should decide that He would rather pour out a
double blessing on half as many people in order to keep you humble and
Him magnified.

Another example -

My junior year we had _one_ small group of guys. It consisted of
myself, Xuan, Alfred, and John "fearless leader" Kang for most of the
year (James tried to join later). We always tried to bring more
people, and we prayed that God would grow us. And He did, but not the
way we expected. That year was a year of tremendous spiritual growth
for everyone there. I don't think any of the people in that group
would be half as involved in the church without that small group.
Praise the Lord.

So don't be discouraged with smaller numbers each Friday, the Lord may
have you be smaller yet before He will do His work. Continue in the
pattern of sound words that you hear each week on Friday and Sunday
and in small group, and the Lord will give the increase.

For His Kingdom!


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