Drinking Deeply

Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 12:00 AM

That's not fair!

I have a complaint. I'm not getting what I deserve.

This week, while the midwest was buried under yet another snowstorm with record lows, what do I get? 70s and sunny, the whole time. What's up with that?

Starting a month or so ago I needed a replacement take over the last 3 months of my lease because I was planning to move out. Before I even started praying seriously about it or had sent any emails out, one of the people who was staying at our place temporarily said he needed a place for... guess what? The last three months of my lease. What in the world?!

Today, 14 people descended upon our house and we shared food and enjoyed various games and had great laughter and joy. New people were met and old friends were reintroduced. Inexcusable.

There's been a gross miscarriage of justice somewhere.


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