Drinking Deeply

Saturday, December 27, 2008 at 5:15 PM

for the last time...

Reading through a bit of Owen's Indwelling Sin. This quote jumped out at me.

It is from the deceitfulness of [the] law of sin... that men persuade themselves that by this or that particular sin they shall so satisfy their lusts as that they shall need to sin no more.

So true! So often have I sinned in some way, saying "but this is really the last time, because I won't need to do it anymore." And so often has that really not been the case. Sin deceives us, and when we engage in it, it grows all the more rather than shrinks.

On a related note, Steve Hays did an excellent post on what the difference between relying on the Holy Spirit and relying on yourself really was. I'd highly recommend it.


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