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Wednesday, October 08, 2008 at 8:32 PM


Two interesting conversations with my siblings as of late. In both cases somehow we got onto the topic of relationships and both of them casually mentioned that before they got married, they planned to live with their significant other for a period of time, "just to try things out."

Of course, being a Christian (and a concerned older brother), I tried my best to dissuade them such an endeavor. I talked highly of promises made and promises kept, about the place of "giving yourself" and "keeping yourself." Both of them were like, "hmm, I think I see your point," which I guess was a victory, but how much of one?

Was it better that they be moral people on the outside and darkness inside? I tried to point out that these ideas were grounded upon Christianity, but it was still a very "pragmatic" discussion, one that on the surface, makes sense without God. (but really, it doesn't make sense without God because without God, who's to hold someone accountable to their promises? Promises are empty without a binding moral authority)

Yeah, so I'm afraid of winning the argument but losing the war. Jesus said that the prostitutes and tax-collectors go before the Pharisees to the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 21:31), would you rather your unregenerate friends and family be prostitutes or Pharisees?

Instinct says I'd rather they not be overly impacted by sin, especially their own. But is that a good instinct? Do they need to see the darkness before they realize how good the light is? Jesus didn't come to save the righteous, etc etc.


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Anonymous theocentric522 said...

How about in the case where your sister wants to get an abortion? I think there are examples in the Bible where God's people plead with unbelievers to act morally. We do this because we love God and our fellow man...God's law is practical and good...and since unbelievers are judged by their deeds, I'd say it's good instinct. But as you said, good morals cannot save them.

Prostitutes or Pharisees? If you frame it that way, I'd have to choose the prostitute who'd repent. But how about between a moral unregenerate or reprobate and an immoral unregenerate or reprobate? Pharoah who knew Joseph or Pharoah who didn't know Joseph?  


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