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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 11:30 PM

Another year of faithfulness

Not really a substantiative post, but I figured to do one reflecting on the past year.

In case you don't get it, the faithfulness is the Lord's, not mine =p.

No particular order, I'm particularly thankful to the Lord for -

Brothers - My brother and I were always siblings, but I think now we're brothers. Last Saturday I had a chance to talk with my brother on the phone. Before our conversation ended, he asked to be kept in the loop as to when I was going to next fly home, so that he could pick up my sister and visit at the same, so we could see each other. I was pretty blown away by the genuine sincerity. Wow, praise the Lord

New friends - 307 had the pleasure of welcoming a visiting researcher from China. Other people that were doing research in the area that stayed with us were kind of busy. Either always working or just very quiet (maybe the language barrier). Simon was different and actively wanted to interact with us, exploring the Stanford area, learning English, playing games, just all around a great guy. To top it off, he decided to use us as his guinea pigs for his cooking skills, which was something I was particularly blessed by. I just hope that we were able to share Christ's love with him!

New friends (2) - KCPC's discipleship class started, and I had a chance to sit down and talk with a certain Phil. Interestingly enough, we had actually sat down and exchanged pleasantries at lunch that very day, but in class we discovered brothers who each (albeit sinfully), loved the Lord and saw eye to eye on a great many issues. It was wonderful to sit and talk with him, share and encourage one another. It was just stellar to meet a brother who was so eager and excited.

Old friends - Rob came back! Kristen and Beth are still around! Eric is coming back! Mike is around! Wow, we can't stay away, and I'm just incredibly thankful for continual companionship and fellowship of believers. I'm in particular encouraged by a small group of people who are eager to welcome others into their homes. I often feel like the poor beggar invited off of the street, because I rarely ever repay the favor.

Fun games - One most excellent byproduct of all these people being around is that they play bridge! Now, bridge is literally my father's game. He played it so often when I was younger and I loved walking around the table and looking at peoples hands to try to learn how they're playing and what their bids mean. Now I get to play myself! That's been much fun. Strategy and excitement!

New Christians - The past year has also been a year where I've had the chance to really see people people grow in faith, and not just maturing, but actually coming to love the Lord. I've had the blessing of seeing God really completely transform some people, new hearts and all! Wow, the wind blows and all we can do is see the fruit and praise the Lord.

Old Christians - I've also been particularly blessed by two older brothers in particular. One has walked faithfully this past year at such an incredible cost to himself that I am amazed and reminded of the prophets of old, who obeyed and obeyed and obeyed, all for the sake of the Kingdom that was to come. Praise the Lord. Another is my boss and he's just been the most encouraging person when it came to doing business for the Lord. He has his mixture of weakness too, but all in all, I'm humbled and encouraged by his willingness to put faith and family before money.

I suppose if we tried to recount all of what God has done, even this whole blog wouldn't be enough space to hold everything =D. Praise the Lord for another year of faithfulness.


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