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Monday, August 18, 2008 at 7:45 PM

Mark Driscoll on harsh language

This (sort of) came up in a car ride the other day. When it showed up in my google reader, I figured it'd be a good source for a post.

Maybe one day I'll get back to regular posting. I'd like to do a series on baptism one of these days, and probably get shelled by all my baptist friends =p. (Like a peanut)

Desiring God blog posted a brief interview clip with Mark Driscoll on harsh language. In it, he makes the point that if God uses some language to describe something, we ought to as well. Abraham Piper asked the question, "A premise of Driscoll’s argument about harsh language is that how God speaks is how we should speak. Should we assume that?"

In short, I think the answer is "yes." Given Driscoll's qualifications on the topic (aka it should be rare and directed in proportion to the offense etc), I think that if God calls something such-n-such, that is what it is because God speaks the truth. So when he calls Israel a whore for seeking after false gods in such and such a way, I think we ought also, when seeing the same thing happen be willing to use the same words. Once again, I'd qualify this that it's to be infrequent and in proportion to the act, but I don't think we should be afraid or ashamed of the language that God uses.

That said, I see no place for "casual swearing," as a way to earn "street cred" or anything like that.


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