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Tuesday, June 03, 2008 at 10:32 PM

Discipleship Class wk. 1

Last Sunday KCPC had it's first meeting for the discipleship class. The meeting was at 4pm on Sunday, and intended to last til 5:30. I figured more or less that I had done enough complaining about the church and I ought to be part of the solution, so I went, expecting a few people, maybe 5 or 6.

I showed up and there already were around 10, and more kept coming in. All told, we had 20 people total. Wow. Who stays at church til 4pm when service ends at 11am? Or who goes home and then comes back? How crazy!

How awesome! I'm just so thankful to God for providing at a most opportune time too. It has been easy to be discouraged about the church. Easy to be disappointed with the church, to think that I'm so alone (with a few exceptions of course). But 20 people who want to love God together? Who are committed enough to stay at church for hours when they could have gone home and watched ESPN and played video games (well, I could have=p). Praise be to the Lord! Preserving a remnant.

I'm excited. We've got a great group of people ranging from college to young adult and I'm looking forward to the discussions and study about God and His Word. The first week we studied the glory of God from Piper's book "Let the Nations be Glad." And it was just filled with verse after verse declaring God's glory. I know sometimes we complain that verses aren't explained enough, but when you have so many of them, they really don't need to be explained. Praise the Lord.

I'm hoping that not only will we get a chance to study this, but also spend time in prayer for our church. Not just for one another (we always need that), but for God's Kingdom, for KCPC, for FiCS and FiCB... that would just be amazing. I've had the opportunity to sit in a time of extended prayer, and it was always a blessing.

So I'm excited. w00t!


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