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Friday, January 04, 2008 at 7:16 PM

Interpreting the Son

There are a couple of these. Among them - a strong distinction between head and heart, and a hand-waving "but that's all passed with Christ." (Tithing, death penalty, NT obedience among others).

One thing that has come up a great deal when talking to some people who really don't have a stitch of knowledge about Christ and His work is when people try to dismiss Christ's words in Scripture with, "but that's just your narrow interpretation." After I ask them what their interpretation of Christ's words is, they love to launch into "well, this is what I think Jesus is trying to say."

And I wonder, how do they have an interpretation of what Christ was about without actually reading His Words? Without actually trying to go to the source? They love to stand there and say that the Scriptures are corrupted, and even if we concede that it's not 100% accurate (which I don't), there's still the issue of "well, then how do you have an interpretation of Christ?"

It's like a group of people inside a room with the blinds drawn and the door shut trying to interpret and guess what the sun is like. How about we go outside and look for a moment and then we can compare observations? Stop giving me this stuff about interpretation if you're going to draw the blinds to keep from seeing the Son. Gah!


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