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Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 9:58 PM

Book Review: Holiness

I received this book months and months ago, and I've finally finished it. Some of the delay was because I was late in starting it, but some of it was simply that I never found the time (namely, I always wasted the time I could have spent reading it.)

Whatever the case, I finally finished Holiness by JC Ryle during a long "internet is down, no one is home, sit at home alone and read" stint.

To summarize, the book is basically one man's thoughts on holiness, how we seek it, why we ought to seek it, different encouragements from Scripture to seek it. There were strong rebukes, exhortations, and comforts found throughout the book, and from the structure, it seems like it's a collection of sermon manuscripts/letters. Very well organized and directed. It speaks directly into today, and it spoke directly into where I was at as well. I found it remarkably convicting and very challenging, at many points having to put the book down so I get get my heart right with God. Though it took me a long time to finally finish it, I'm glad I did and slightly sad that it's over. I wonder how long I ought to wait before rereading it=p.

I found the book Scripturally enlightening, well written (though a little archaic at times), and renewing to the soul. I would highly recommend that every Christian own this book and read it through at least once. It's challenging but very rewarding. Lord grant that I would remember its lessons!


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