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Thursday, December 27, 2007 at 10:13 PM

Book Review: Above All Earthly Pow'rs

Here was another book that was long in finishing and also worth it. You'd think after enough of these books which are long in finishing but good in content, I would stop being long in finishing!

Whatever the case, the Above All Earthly Pow'rs by David Wells is a book comes as the fourth in a series, but can stand alone, as I read it with much fruit without reading the others. It is a little academic in its approach, with lots of historical notes. David Wells traces out the roots of postmodernism and how it now impacts the Christian church, from it's basic assumptions to deep implications, David Wells unpacks the unique (and very old!) dangers of postmodernism to Evangelicalism.

This book is packed with insights into the culture that I live in today, as well as challenging many basic assumptions that I myself held. It pulls no punches in its desire to exalt Christ above all the thoughts and opinions of this world, and I for one am very thankful for that.

All that said, it is a little bit heavier on the history than the theology, so there are places where I wish he would go an exegete some passages, but usually his focus is on taking those passages as given and pulling together historical ties to see how today's society has drifted far and wide of those passages. I guess not every book must be perfectly fitted to what I want =p.

Though the book is a little harder on the thinking end, I would also recommend it to any Christian that lives in America or Europe, as the discussion within it is very relevant to the environment that we now live in. The last chapter in particular, where he pulls everything together and puts it under the sovereignty and supremacy of Christ was most encouraging. Read it, and then make your pastor read it.


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