Drinking Deeply

Monday, October 15, 2007 at 11:41 PM


If the antecedent love of the Father is lost, then we might mistakenly believe that God’s love for us is contingent upon our human efforts. This is not merely the mistake of ancient Pelagianism, which reduced the gospel to mere moralism, but it is also the danger of evangelical Christians who, in practice, live as if God’s love for them ebbs and flows according to their actions. So when we have our quiet times for the day, or when we have given a tithe, we are confident of God’s love toward us. But when our days become crowded and personal devotions end up neglected, we start to avoid God, sensing that we are under his wrath and anger. We imagine that God is waiting for us to get ourselves together before we again enter his presence. Such thinking betrays our failure to grasp the security of our union and the depth of God’s love and consequently disrupts our communion with him.

Kelly Kapic in the introduction to Communion with the Triune God


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