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Sunday, August 05, 2007 at 10:00 PM

Some thoughts on Harry Potter

Haven't really been posting much, can't say I haven't had time anymore, but it's more just wanting to do other stuff. There are a couple loose ends I should tie up eventually and I did say that I was going to start posting on church government. We'll see how well those plans go through.

The past few days I've been holed up in my room reading Harry Potter, books 5-7. This post will just be a compilation of some thoughts.

From a literary perspective, I thoughally enjoyed the books and was reminded of how much I enjoyed fiction, especially fantasy and sci-fi. I stopped long ago around high school and never really picked it back up. I'm glad I had the opportunity to actually sit down and read some of these books, though I am a little behind the curve on that. I believe one of my friends bought the seventh book at midnight and proceeded it read it straight through in 3 hours or so. Props to you if you still read my blog. And no props if you don't! haha. The world of Harry Potter was quite imaginative and rather captivating. I think I polished off 5-7 in a Wed-Sunday block which included a couple late nights. Enjoyable stuff.

I will say the last book seemed almost forced and a departure from the rest. It felt like Tom Sawyer, where different plot twists seemed to be thrown in simply to be thrown in. The ending was disappointing and rather anticlimactic, though the back story to a few major players was quite fascinating. ::shrug:: what are you gonna do?

From a more theological perspective, the series carries with it all the truths of Romans 1, that we all know that God exists yet want to deny him. In a world of wizards and power and magic and the supernatural, there is a continual appeal to something greater, more powerful, deeper. Akin to the "Deeper Magic" in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, there is self-sacrifice and love triumphing over all evil forces. Good wins and evil is rejected because it's evil. Wrongs are put to right and justice is finally meted out in the end, though it seems to take a long time.

Character traits like honor, humility, love, and generosity are often portrayed in a positive light, while selfishness, hatred, and self-vengeance are portrayed negatively.

Yet, with all these foundational truths pointing to a Triune God, there is a clear denial of His sovereignty, rule, and existence. The ultimate choice is of course in the hands of men, as if they could, of their own "free will", choose between good and evil. Though Christmas and Easter are often celebrated as holidays, there is little that points positively to anything supernatural beyond man, let alone a Triune God.

All that said, I am glad that the book reminded me of how much pleasure there could be found in simple reading, though I certainly would not go to a book for Gospel truth, though maybe for confirmation that we all know God, but suppress the truth with our lives.


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