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Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 12:33 AM

Reading Deeply

Another series of posts that I've found incredibly encouraging and edifying, and a bit challenging as well.

Douglas Wilson continues his blogging ways. Here he posts on the need for hard words to break hard hearts. And here he posts on the need to have a doctrine that lives its life out. Challenging!

Al Molher gives us an excellent list of ten great Christian biographies.

John Macarthur gives us some excellent suggestions for doing church. We're lay ministers and servants, not observers! May it not be for me!

And Phil Johnson follows that up with a biblical basis for such a model.

Team Pyro always comes up with writing that's convicting and challenging. This post was on the need for pastoral oversight in doing apologetics, this post was on the importance of propitiation (*ding 10 dollar word!). Here's a quote from the second post.
God's mercy is not some maudlin sentiment that causes Him to forget about His holiness and set aside His righteous anger against sin. The demands of righteousness must be fully and completely satisfied if God is ever going to forgive sin. He cannot and will not simply overlook sin as if it didn't really matter.

In other words, the gospel is not only a message about the love of God. It is that; but it is not only that. The true gospel magnifies His justice as much as it magnifies His love.

When was the last time you thought of the gospel as a message about divine justice?
The Internet Monk gives some suggestions for giving money to people on the street. What do you guys think?

And what was incredibly challenging for me, Team Pyro put up this post on the need for applying sermons, rather than just saying "that was nice." Yeah, guilty as charged.

I'm also reading Pilgrim's Progress. More on that later.

Ting, one of my (former? Is he still? I go hear him preach) pastors has started a blog and started with a critique of Dawkin's bestseller, The God Delusion.


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