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Saturday, March 03, 2007 at 10:36 PM

Resolved but Always Resolving

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One thing that C.J. Mahaney remarked during their Q&A session was that we ought to take a couple points from Resolved to apply to our daily lives. Here's a beginning. (with subpoints)

By the grace of God I am and I strive to be...

1) Resolved, to credit all things that make me different from anyone else as from God and God alone, to remember all that I have is a gift from the Lord and to rebuke and repent of trusting in myself as if my accomplishments were mine (1 Corinthians 4:7)

1.1) Resolved, that daily I would preach the Gospel to myself, waking up and remembering how undeserving and ill-deserving I am of all that God has given me, that my sins entailed the possibility of me being crushed that very moment and shipped off to the hottest fires of hell, but by God's grace I lived another day and God has permitted me to know and taste Him.

1.2) Resolved, to answer (in my mind if not aloud) "better than I deserve" to those questions of "how are you doing today?"

1.3) Resolved, to think of myself, when hearing of or seeing other people's sins, as if I had done the same if not worse if it was not for the grace of God, that this would occasion me to confess my own sins of the same ilk (This is based in large part off of Edward's resolution 8)

1.4) Resolved, to seek true greatness found in serving my brothers and sisters, actively asking if there are things I can help with and not just being passively "willing."

2) Resolved, to seek to see Jesus Christ in all of Scripture through diligent study and meditation upon it. (John 5:39)

2.1) Resolved, to read Scripture for myself, that my first application would be for me and not for how I would use it to defend and attack other people/positions. (Evan said it well in his 3rd resolution)

2.2) Resolved, to memorize Scripture, so that I would be able preach at myself from the very Word of God even when I do not have a physical Bible handy.

2.3) Resolved, to strive when reading Scripture to see how this points me to Christ and the cross.


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