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Monday, March 26, 2007 at 2:05 PM

Reading Deeply

So a few months ago, my computer started having issues with overheating, so I ended up not using it for a fairly long period of time. It was only recently that I rebooted it and pulled off a lot of links that I was going to post, so some of these are dated.

David Wayne talks about how often we as Christians "kick it up a notch," when we take a secondary issue and make it a primary one and a source of division rather than dialogue. I think he's spot on, and I'm very guilty of this as much as anyone else. One caveat though, I do believe a lot of issues are a lot more essential than people would like, but I agree with the general idea. If Scripture doesn't make it a main issue, nor should we. He also shares an excellent article about speaking normally. This was spot on!

Justin Taylor gives us some good suggestions on praying for our pastor. I've found this very useful for modeling my own prayers these last few months.

Doug Wilson has a lot of great little posts. This one is about forgiveness and what actually is owed. This post was on the importance of pledging allegence to Christ. And this one was on sanctification, playing tennis with the devil.

Vincent Cheung talks on sanctification. I've been thinking about sanctification a lot. So this was really helpful.

The people over at FIDE-O posted a link to someone doing a dramatic reading of Hebrews 9 and 10. This was awesome. Watch it.

Also along the lines of New Years Resolutions (always resolving right?) I found Spurgeon's words excellent. "Father, glorify thy name!"

And Spurgeon gives us a good receipe for church growth too.

Random news, Al Gore is challenged to a debate on global warming.

Pulpit Live has some excellent posts on the sovereignty of God. Here's one on God's gracious choice. And Phil Johnson is working through a series on why he is a Calvinist, and you are too. Parts 1,2,3,4,5...

Finally, I think Frank Turk basically exploded any notion I previously had of fallible prophecy with this post. Now my position is a cessationalist in terms of revelation, very guarded continuationist in terms of miracles. Blown and tossed by the waters Mickey =p.

Bookwise, I just finished Presuppositional Apologetics by Vincent Cheung. Look for a review in a day. I've also started (and am halfway through) One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven by Mark Cahill. Review of that to come as well.

I haven't been reading too many blogs, but go and check out Mike Cheng's. He writes a lot, but there's much that is cool and worthwhile to read. He just finished a "basics of Christianity" booklet (tract?) and is starting a series on contentment. Very cool stuff.


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