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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 12:54 PM

Reading Deeply

It's been a while since I've put one of these up, mostly because I haven't really been surfing the blog-world quite as much as I used to. But there have been a number of things that have caught my eye.

Theologica highlights the "Dawkins delusion," applying the same skepticism that Richard Dawkins has been applying to the Christian faith and discovering that Dawkins was probably a delusion. Read the original that inspired it too.

An article on the SBC Baptist Press points out that "Inerrancy isn't enough"
It is not enough to trot out the usual statements about the importance of inerrancy and expository preaching. While these are laudable expressions of orthodoxy and practice, the reality remains that the mere mention of these words now too easily evokes expected agreement and adulation (a good hearty “Amen” in Baptistspeak), but little application and practice in pulpits and Sunday School classrooms.
Pulpit Magazine puts out daily posts that are always very informative and encouraging (not to mention convicting!) Here's one I liked Daily destroying sin

I rarely check Boundless webzine, but it seems to have some very good articles up.
Thabiti Anyabwile wrote "How Not to Lose Your Faith in College," containing some very good advice, stuff that I wish I heard coming in, and Carolyn McCulley wrote " The Hindrance of a Hint" and the importance of being clear with out intentions in relationships. (Yeah, yeah, still thinking relationships. You'd think one would get over that eventually)

Here are some notes from R.C. Sproul's sermon given at the Desiring God pastor's conference on the Holiness and Justice. Wow.

Here's my favorite picture from Resolved.

I've also stumbled across some very useful Greek resources.

Dan Phillips started asking if we knew Greek and is filling it with reflections from reading Greek. It's really cool to read alongside and certainly an encouragement for me to keep reading my Greek!

The Calvinist Gadfly (which is retiring) has two good posts on studying Greek, here and here.

Triablogue also has an excellent post on how to teach yourself Greek. It's pretty intense though.

Bookwise, I've been reading a few books. Justification of God by Piper (Excellent read, especially now I can understand the Greek he's pulling out. Very insightful on what Paul and the Bible means when it speaks of "the righteousness of God") and Pray with Your Eyes Open by Richard Pratt Jr. (Diagrams are for children, but very insightful as well), as well as Calvin's Commentary on John(good stuff!). I've picked up a few books from Resolved, but haven't had time to get to them yet, so hopefully that'll be in the future.

Blog of the day is mochapress, a group blog started by me and some friends from Resolved. Hopefully we'll figure out what we're doing, but for now read Eric's testimony (that'll take you till next week or so =p).

Oh, and if you're still here, check out the new design at monergism.com


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