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Tuesday, December 26, 2006 at 10:49 AM

Book Review: Truth Matters

Truth Matters is a compilation book of the best chapters from John MacArthur's teaching ministry. As someone who has greatly enjoyed what books of John MacArthur I had read, I looked forward to the same hard hitting truth boldly proclaimed and I wasn't disappointed.

Within the book were chapters on the sufficiency of Scripture, the holiness of God, the cost of discipleship, justification by faith, the prosperity Gospel, a picture of Heaven, parenting, and many others. Each chapter was filled with the truths of the faith presented in a clear manner. The chapter on the 7 sayings of Jesus Christ while on the cross brought me to tears, for reasons I honestly didn't quite understand. I suspect it was the reminder of the servant suffering for my sins, Christ's example of righteousness, and Christ's concern for His mother. I had read a couple of the books that some of the chapters were excerpted from previously, but it was certainly no burden to reread the chapters he had written. It was pretty solid. The chapter on sanctification (Hacking Agag to Pieces) was stupendous and convicting. It presented clear biblical teaching on the difficult topic of sanctification. I would recommend that chapter to everyone.

One interesting thing to note though, is that many of the chapters were written in response to perversions of various doctrines, so some of them probably will lose their context in a few years (but it seems that the older teachings are now 20 years old and going, so who knows). It was the chapters that gave a positive presentation of truth that I enjoyed the most. I'm glad that John MacArthur does not only spend his time refuting heresies, but also making positive presentations of the Gospel.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested. There is a lot in here to chew upon, and it would be good for all sorts of believers, young and mature alike.

My recommendation: Own it if you don't own much of John Macarthur's books, Borrow it if you do.


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