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Monday, November 20, 2006 at 10:24 AM

Some slight site shifts

I've been tweaking the site a little bit. One thing you'll notice is that I've added a small javascript code that automatically links Scripture references to a pop-up boxes of the ESV Bible.

I got the javascript from Adrian Warnock's page. Search "scripturizer" in his html source if you want it too.

Romans 8 (just typed in)

I'm not entirely happy with it, because it doesn't open it in a new tab, but it opens within the window under my current configuration. ::shrug::

I've also downloaded this very slick extension for Mozilla, the Bible Refalizer. If a firefox uses follows the directions on it, it installs a plugin that automatically links Scripture references to a ESV Bible search. It opens in new tabs, which is nice.

For those of you not on firefox... do some searches or something (or switch to firefox =p)

I think my blog still gets cut off in IE...

**edit** I think it works in IE now... those of you w/ IE, could you double check? It used to cut off the page at the bottom where the sidebar ends.


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Blogger Mike Cheng said...

I can't edit HTML in WordPress =(, so no Scripturizer. Although... when they get the plugins thing up, I'll be able to use a Scripturizer plugin. Whenever that'll be.

And yeah, IE works for me. Although the bottom of your page for both Firefox and IE is kind of weird. The sidebar starts at the left after the end of your post.  


Blogger mxu said...

That's true, does anyone have a fix? source available upon request.  


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