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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 9:04 PM

Reading Deeply

Some various quotes as well:

David Jones (Sermon on Genesis 1:26-28 10/24/06) on the call of man to have dominion:
"Genesis begins with a garden, Revelation ends with a city."
Centurion on the call to become all in order to win all,
If we, as men, are going to love them, we can't love them by being more like them. We have to love them by being more like Christ.
H.C. Ross in the comments section of a post on a related topic,
"If Jesus told you to be SQUARE for him, would you do it? Would you wear average-looking clothes and have an average-looking hairstyle for Him, if He asked you to? Would you submit to your parents and teachers, even if you believed they were wrong, if Jesus asked you to? Would you go to a traditional church and submit to the elders there, and sing 'How Great Thou Art' and 'The Old Rugged Cross' and other 'outdated' songs every week, for Jesus' sake? Would you put up with an antiquated worship style out of love for your brothers and sisters in Christ above the age of 50, if He asked you to? Are you willing to be UNCOOL for Jesus?"

Show me a young man or woman who's willing to do that for the Lord's sake, and I'll show you someone who's got the Holy Spirit.
Vincent Cheung discusses the Hitler Ad Hominem, and how often people use the "what about Hitler?" question far too much, and that can backfire if they say, "so what about Hitler then?" Guilty as charged.

Dan Phillips asks, "what if you don't feel anything?" and gives an excellent answer. I don't think his criticisms of Piper are entirely on the mark, but I share his sentiment and what it's directed against.

Challies has an interesting discussion on "redefining arminianism." I really didn't care too much for the post itself, but the discussion in the comments was lively and informative.

Between Two Worlds posts a compilation post with links to all of Phil Johnson's posts discussing his interaction with the Lordship debate. This is worth reading.

Bookwise, I'm chewing Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, which is fascinating. A sequel (in a sense) upon her previous book (How Now Shall We Live?), dealing with worldviews and what Christianity has to offer, Total Truth. Not just some of the picture, but all of it. Good stuff.

I'm also (re)reading Eugene Peterson's A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. He gets a lot of things right in this book. An enjoyable read though I'm not a big fan of "The Message" which he uses as his main translation. But it doesn't detract from his main point, which is that the Christian walk is a long obedience in the same direction.


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