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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 at 11:13 AM

Sometimes they just get it right

The latest post on Teampyro reminded me of this post on Guilt by Association. Within it Phil Johnson makes some excellent points regarding guilt by association charges. Basically, don't use it as your primary criticism of someone.

Go and read it if you haven't yet already.

This provoked a thought. I think it would be nice if people were a little bit more willing to quote someone who isn't 100% in line with them. After all, the faith is "once for all delivered to the saints" and not "once for all delivered to me."

I'm not saying we should give blanket approvals of everyone who claims the name Christian, but certainly, if someone gets it right, can't we admit it? "Hey, I don't agree with everything this person says, but in this case he gets it right when he says..." Wouldn't this inspire a broader reading circle (though I'll confess, some books just leave me with such a bad taste in my mouth that I put it down, but I'll try) instead of everyone just reading one view and only seeing things from one view? But rather they're able to learn what the other view actually says and level biblical criticisms of it, or, to suggest the impossible, actually agree somewhere?

Of course, it's possible that we think they get it right when they actually don't get it right (say, they are using the words in a complete different sense, one that is foreign to the Christian faith), but that should just make us all the more careful to take quotations in context.

We can give C.S. Lewis a lot of credit for writing good Christian fiction even when we caution people about his views on the atonement, purgatory, and inspiration. Sometimes people get it right, and it seems almost presumptuous to claim that "only I (or this small circle of people) get it right." Yeah, I'm guilty of this too.

Just a thought.


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Blogger Bill Burns said...

I couldn't have said it better, my friend.

Grace & peace  


Blogger jefe said...

amen, sir.  


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