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Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 8:52 PM

Singing about Jesus makes me think of Limited Atonement

Today I had the blessing to join College Church's college group for "After-Hours" a time to get together with brothers and sisters in Christ and fellowship. Today we had the blessing to discuss various songs and sing them together. Each song was from RUF's hymnbook and I must say I was very impressed and blessed by the theological content of the songs as well as the music.

One of the songs we sang (The Love of Christ is Rich and Free) was just packed with meditations upon Christ's love and what that means for believers.

And I just couldn't help but think how powerful God's love was, that it redeems me, seals me, binds me, and can never be removed.

And I just couldn't help but be amazed at such a love. So rich, so free, and dare I add, a love that is no respector of "free" will. Left to my own will, I would have surely rejected such a divine gift! As would we all, if it were left up to us. But praise be to God, His love is so great that it overcomes even our hardness of hearts.

What does this have to do with limited atonement? Simply that "limited atonement" is "definite atonement." This love of God, so rich, so free, saves. It doesn't make potential to save, but it saves. So either we're left with universalism (God loves everyone), or we limit the atonement. Not because it's limited in power (certainly Jesus could have saved everyone if He wanted), but because it's limited in application (Jesus doesn't save everyone.)

If you're a math geek like I am:

1. If Jesus loves X (a person), then Jesus saves X
2. If Jesus doesn't save X, then Jesus doesn't love X (contrapositive, equivalent to 1)
3. Y is not saved.
4. Jesus doesn't love Y.

The stronger we see Jesus' love, the stronger the argument for a limited atonement.


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Anonymous theocentric522 said...

Depends on what we mean by "love." It can also denote "common grace" type of love. If I remember correctly, Pink does not argue for this. "Love" (according to Pink) is used only of the elect.  


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