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Monday, September 11, 2006 at 4:32 PM

Reading Deeply

An older post from Triablogue on justice and forgiveness. Makes the acute observation:
"The kinder and gentler approach to the assailant was decidedly unkind and uncharitable to the victim.

Frequently, justice is the most merciful course of action. Nothing is crueler than misplaced compassion."
Indeed. God is a God not only of mercy and grace, but of justice as well.

John Macarthur has a blog now! Check out the new Pulpit Live blog/magazine. Currently working through a series on the impact of secularism. Check out his post on proper Bible interpretation.

Jollyblogger responds to Adrian's response to Dan Phillip's response to Adrian's response to Phillip's original post. Yeah, it's kind of convuluted. But I think Jollyblogger hits it right on the head. He asks why some charismatics are seeking an "experience of God" when we all agree that God is omnipresent, and so we actually experience God all the time, whether we are concious of it or not. I think he's right when he closes with:

Similarly, what we are to pursue is not spiritual ecstasy, but Jesus Christ Himself. And we ought not to make spiritual ecstasy the mark of a true experience with Jesus. Nor ought we to expect that spiritual ecstasy will necessarily follow great spiritual victories. Remember what happend to Elijah after his great victory over the prophets of Baal in I Kings 18-19.

Now, if you want to talk about an experience of a kind of settled joy that characterizes the whole of a Christian's life, I can accept that. I believe that joy is a fruit of the spirit that can even be present in the midst of sorrow. What I am arguing here is that this super duper intensified experience of joy that takes the form of spiritual ecstasy is not normative in the Christian life, and is not to particularly to be sought.

Amen. (Check out the comments section as well, start at the bottom and go up, convient for coming back, but hard to jump right in)

Over at girltalk, there was an excellent post on delighting in the blows of God's fist. I see this as nearly the perfect of how we delight in God's presence in plenty and in want.

This guy gets it right. Imonk posts a criticism of Joel Osteen. Read the comments as well, especially his response to the common defense, "but God is using Joel for His kingdom." Spot on.

Why is Joel so popular? " 'Your Best Life Now' sounds a lot more interesting than 'take up your cross and follow me.' "

Finally, here is a most excellent post by Douglas Wilson on Active Obedience as a Thematic Structuring Device. I'll be honest, I have my reservations about the New Perspective on Paul, but I have not had any issues with Douglas Wilson's views thus far. At least, none beyond the normal range of "Oh, that's kind of iffy" that I kind of have with almost everyone. If you don't read any other posts linked on this post, read that one.

Bookwise, I've finished Bondage of the Will, Jonathan Edwards: A Life, and I've started, "The Cross He Bore", good and short. Maybe I'll post some thoughts on it later. Also reading Crime and Punishment (apprently the most read classic novel) as well as Biblical Theology and The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes. Both very solid. Biblical Theology in particular has been a delight to read and study.

Blog of the post is Light of the Word, by Benjamin Oetken. He just started his blog recently and I've had the blessing to be able to talk with him a bit via AIM and gmail and I've enjoyed his posts. His last one is particularly solid. Keep blogging bro!


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