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Sunday, September 17, 2006 at 10:10 PM

Help me solve a bug!

As some of you who are using IE may notice, my blog cuts off at the end of the sidebar, so it's impossible to read beyond the first post or two (or half a post if it's particularly long!)

This isn't an issue if you use Firefox though, so I guess it's yet another reason to switch to one of the best products of 2006.

To this date, I'm still horribly confused as to what's causing the trouble, and if anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it. I wonder if it's a tag I've left unclosed or something. But I'm not great at html so I don't know what to look for.

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Blogger Jessica said...

not that i am particularly skilled at html, but....

it would seem that you are not closing the < div > tags at the end. you can probably get away with just one < / div > because it doesn't seem like you defined what sidebar and sidebar2 are in the css stylesheet (at the top) so you can probably just delete those two tags altogether and nothing will be different.

but yeah. try inserting one < / div > (course, get rid of this space) at the end, before your closing body tag.

incidently, is "splendid" good? haha :) at least i'm not convival, whatever that means.  


Blogger Shane said...

I have similar problems with my wordpress blog in IE. It seems no matter what I do, no matter what theme I use, it never survives contact with IE. Firefox never EVER has a problem.  


Blogger mxu said...

I've deleted the < div sidebar > tags completely. No luck.  


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