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Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 8:07 PM

en arche ein ho logos

One of the major blessings of a university experience has been the opportunity to take biblical languages. The last two years I was dabbling in biblical hebrew. Finally, this year, I've got the chance to take New Testament Greek. Booyeah I say.

It's so interesting taking biblical languages. It is always necessary to defend the authority of the translations we have against those who claim that the Bible is corrupted in transmission and so on, but it's so cool to see bits and pieces of what exactly I miss when I'm reading the English translations. Different word plays, emphasis on different words, various language tricks with the word order, wow just mind blowing.

Just on Wednesday, the professor pointed us to the Lord's Prayer, and it was quite cool to look at the emphasis of the different verses.

Not that the English languages are wrong, but there are things that are lost in translation, emphasis that can be drawn out and reflected upon. Cool beans.

Now I just hope I'm able to put enough work into it so that I can actually learn something and not just have it be knowledge that puffs up!


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Anonymous hannah grace said...

I was hoping for a post on Greek! I'm so psyched about our Greek class. I thought Ting had excellent insights on the Lord's prayer.  


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