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Thursday, August 03, 2006 at 12:27 AM

This is where I am right now

I've been busy (read: lazy). Lots of time hanging out with friends. Playing games like nerts and Puerto Rico. Also had a few sleepover Bible study parties. Those rocked. Studied Galatians (twice) and Obidiah. Both amazing books... simply refreshing to have a room full of guys who want to study the Word of God at 2AM in the morning.

I'm also currently the summer youth intern for my home church, CCMC (Here's our english website). I work with junior high kids mostly, leading small groups and speaking occasionally. Lord willing I'll get to record my next message and allow everyone to stone me from afar by posting it online (assuming I don't get struck down by lightning first).

As part of the internship, I've had the blessing to work with many of the faithful adults, who have been serving and walking with God for longer than I've been alive. One of the adults mentioned to me that he always goes to McDonalds and buys happy meals and saves the toys so he can give them to the children (jr. high and children's) he works with. I was just awed that he thought about them that much, even for his meals!

Another thing that has been mind boggling has been just how well the jr. high kids know their OT. In the last message, the speaker asked "Psalm 90 begins the 4th book of the Psalms, and many people believe that the five "books" of the Psalms correlates to the 5 books of the Torah, does anyone know what the 4th book of the Torah is?"


"And what was Numbers about?"

"Wandering! Wilderness!"


And there I was going, "errr, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers!"

ahaha wow.

I've also been immensely blessed to have the opportunity to lead a small group at our yearly summer camp, which is happening tomorrow, so I won't be posting in the next week. But I did put together the QT material for the people, so I'll just post those up. The theme of the retreat is "Fruits of the Spirit" and it will be a character study on various people in the Bible and how they demonstrated (or didn't demonstrate fruit).


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praying for you guys! hope you guys have a great time  


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