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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 10:13 PM

Reading Deeply

It's been quite a while since I've had one of these, so some of these links are a little dated.

Over at Pure Church, before Thabiti Anyabwile left, he did a series of posts on things he learned while at Capitol Hill. This one was on living evangelisticly and I thought was particularly great.

Everyday Musings refutes the, "you can't put God in a box" fallacy. Read it. It's good. (HT: Jollyblogger)PS, the link in the HT is worth reading too.

Theocentric always has a lot of good posts. Bonus points for being someone I know too. Here's one on properly understanding the Fruit of the Spirit passage. And here's a post I wish I would have posted weeks ago. Is God the author of sin? I may still do one on Isaiah 45:7 before he gets to it =p.

John Macarthur is such a great guy. I love what he has to say, especially about preaching. Here he remarks on the dangers of poor preaching. And here he answers the question, "what doctrines of are fundamental?" Here he calls people to preach the Word. Man, we don't need blogs, just buy Macarthur books!

Tim Challies has an excellent post commenting on a King of the Hill episode.

Nathan White has an excellent post reflecting on God's sovereignty in the midst of a car wreck and an unjust policeman. He also has an amazing post on fad-driven Calvinism. I fear he's right on the money. Praise God for men like this.

Faith and Practice has an excellent checklist for church music.

Centuri0n put up an amazing post responding to someone complaining about superficial church. Convicting.

Here's an article on sexual purity while dating. Some great guidelines and suggestions.

Godward Thoughts has some very excellent thoughts regarding church growth and personal holiness.

Here's an article about Reggie White's (re)conversion. An inspiring read. I wonder if he was Reformed. Well, he was certainly reforming, and that's what's important.=)

Here is a great post for the women who read my blog. And no, it's not about wife-beating.
(HT: Dan Phillips)

Trinitarian Don posts on the necessity of homeschooling. (HT: Godward Thoughts)


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Anonymous theocentric522 said...

Please...I like to read what you have to say on Is. 45:7. I'm crossing my fingers that we end up disagreeing on this & calling each other heretics. =D  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that link to Thabiti's blog! What a great example of living out one's faith in everyday life, and always have an answer. Praise God. -Kyle  


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