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Friday, July 21, 2006 at 12:10 AM

Reading Deeply

Douglas Wilson has two excellent posts. One on the transformation when we come to the Lord's Table. A second was on the fact that the table feeds us two ways.

CADRE Comments posts an amusing piece of an atheist board getting trapped in their claims, and forcing them to eat their words when they boasted that:
We are offering a $100 reward and an appearance on our radio show where we will admit we we're wrong to the person who can set a precedent that other important historical figures exist without contemporary evidence. Provide us with the names of five important historical figures that were not written about until at least 25 years after they died (like Jesus).
Triablogue posts two interesting pieces on the idea that it is appropriate for Christians to rejoice in the sovereign judgment of nations/people.

Dan Phillips posts on the fact that his children are bolder about the faith than he is.

In news that makes me happy, I recently stumbled upon a minister decrying the recent acceptance of alternative Trinitarian names. I discovered the Calvary Chapel has removed the Purpose Driven Life from their bookshelves for theological reasons (wahoo!), and I've been charged to stop test-driving my girlfriend.

Bookwise, I just finished Revolution in World Missions (previously reviewed) as well as Christian Baptism by John Murray. Christian baptism presented the infant Baptist view, which I really appreciated. It criticized (accurately) the common cultural belief that baptism meant something different for infants and for believers and laid down a biblical defense of infant baptism (as well as a defense of sprinkling). Worth reading, a bit technical though.

Additionally, two close friends have started blogging (well, one of them just started, and the other just agreed to let her blog be "public"), so stop by and say hello. They're even bolder about their names than I am! =)

Mike Cheng
and Jessica Luo


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Blogger Mike Cheng said...

Haha... apparently we chose the same layout too...

Yay for tic-tac blue =P!  


Blogger Frank Martens said...

Revolution in World Missions was a good book. I really believe God has done a number on K.P.  


Blogger Wielding the Sword said...

So what did you think of Revolution in World Missions?? I posted some stuff from it awhile back ;).  


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