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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 3:20 PM


Malachi – My Messenger

So here's my attempt at summarizing the main theme of Malachi in a phrase/sentence. To that extent, I believe “My Messenger,” which is a translation of the Hebrew word “Malachi” is most fitting. Not only is the entire book a literal message from God (prophesy), but within it is contained several allusions to the role of a messenger.

God begins by declaring that He loves them. He rebukes the priesthood for not offering up proper sacrifices and instead offering up flawed sacrifices. What is the message they are sending? That it is a burden to serve God. Instead, He calls them to be a messenger to the nations, to declare His name, and His fear. He calls them to be true messengers of God, upholding the covenant of Levi. Priests are to be messengers of the Lord of Hosts to His people. Instead, they are messengers of death, spreading dung and lies among the people, and bringing them to sin and stumble.

God turns and rebukes the nation as a whole, who were faithless to the covenant they took before God. This led to them being faithless to the wives of their youth, divorcing them for pagan wives. (giving them a certificate of divorce)

And God promises to send His messengers. Of heralding (John the Baptist) and of the covenant (Jesus Christ). His messengers will bring in the day of the Lord, judging the priests, the people first.

The book continues with the message of a promise. That if we test the Lord and bring the whole tithes, He will answer and rain down blessings so we will no longer be cursed.

And finally, the words of the people have been harsh against God, they called the arrogant blessed and God one who does not hear. Instead, we are to be like those who fear the Lord, who take down His message and write a book of remembrance, renewing the covenant.

And the day is coming, a day of judgment, when the wicked will be burned and the righteous healed. Elijah is coming again.

So in summary, the book of Malachi is “My Messenger.” It is a call from God for the nation of Israel to put away their false teachings, their false practices, and be God's messengers to the nations, to be people who fear the Lord. It is a promise of God's messenger to come, in the form of Jesus Christ, who will set all the wrongs to right and judge the people. And it is a declaration of God's message of rebuke, repentance, and forgiveness for all those who fear the Lord.

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