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Saturday, July 08, 2006 at 9:02 PM

Malachi 4

Malachi 4: Know and remember

Look, the day is coming where all the evil-doers will be judged until they are no more. But for those who fear my name, there will be a blessing in healing, in restoration, and you will be raised above the wicked, for I will have judged them. Remember the law I gave Moses. I will send you Elijah before this day, and he will turn fathers to children and children to fathers, lest I come and judge the land as well.

After all the rebukes and the reminders of God's greatness, the book of remembrance and the call for repentance, God reminds them that one day the evil and arrogant will be judged. That the wrongs will be set to right, and the righteous will be uplifted. With this reminder, he calls them to remember the law of Moses, yet at the same time he sends Elijah, who will help them do this very thing. Is this not God fulfilling both ends of His promises once again?

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