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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 at 10:41 PM

Malachi 2

Malachi 2: Faithless

Rebuking the priests (2:1-9)-

Priests – if you don't give honor to my name, then I will curse you and curse your blessings. Yes, you already do not take these warnings to heart so I will rebuke you and your children. I will turn your treasures to trash and you shall be removed. You do not honor the covenant I made with Levi, one of life and peace. He feared me and stood in awe of me. He followed me faithfully and turned many from iniquity. A priest should be like that, guarding knowledge and people seek instruction from his mouth, for he is a messenger of me. But you have turned away. You cause people to stumble by your words. You have corrupted the covenant and I will shame you .

Continuing the rebuke of the priests from the end of ch. 1, their despising of the altar is a sign of a deeper sin, a lack of fear of God, a lack of honor to God. Instead of acting like Levi and fearing the Lord, and walking faithfully, guarding knowledge and being the person to go to for instruction, the priests have failed.

Rebuking the people: (2:10-17)

Aren't we supposed to be one people? Why do we treat one another like this? It is because we have been faithless. We've been faithless toward God. We have married daughters of foreign gods. Cursed be those who do this and think they can bring offerings to God! No only this, but we come and wonder at why God does not accept our offerings. Why? Because we have been faithless to the wife of our youth. Weren't you married before the Lord? So be faithful to the Lord, be faithful to your marriage. Stop wearying the Lord with your whining and acting as if the Lord does not hear.

Malachi transitions from rebuking the priests to rebuking the people themselves. Yes, the priests had failed, but the people were still responsible. They had sought interfaith marriages (an excommunicatable offense). They had divorced their wives of their youth. All of these were marks of a lack of faith in God, a rejection of the covenant, and led to the Lord rejecting their offerings.

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