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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 11:15 PM

Attributes of God (6)

A walk through A.W. Pink's Attributes of God. Feel free to read along and comment.

Ch. 6: The Sovereignty of God-

Pink continues to talk about the sovereignty of God, finally getting to the topic itself. He defines the sovereignty of God as simply the exercise of His supremacy.

Following all his other chapters, I must confess I find it repetitious a little. The first few chapters were stupendous. But the last few have all been on God's sovereignty, and I really feel like he's established it and talked enough about it. But there is some new stuff here, stuff that I found interesting to think about.

Well, this chapter he talks about the relationship between God's sovereignty and human responsibility, asserts that God is righteous in all that He does, points out that there are fallen angels, points out that human responsibility is a result of God's sovereign choice to establish rules and requirements, and not a result of free will. I'm glad he didn't try claiming "compatibilist free will" as his reason for human responsibility, but rather pointed out that people are responsibile because God holds them responsible.

“Creature responsibility begins in the sovereign ordination of the Creator.”

Finally, Pink points back to the unconditional footing that the elect are placed upon, that all conditions are fulfilled by God through Jesus Christ (who was placed upon a conditional footing, needing to fulfill the law), who has perfected for once and for all those who are His.

That was certainly a most interesting point. He points out that Christ fulfilled certain conditions (like obedience, incarnation, suffering God's wrath, nailed to a tree), and thus earned a reward per God's promise in Isaiah 53:10-12. I definitely never thought about it that way. But it certainly does make sense.

I guess in contrast, others are placed upon conditional footing, the blessings of God dependent upon their actions toward Him (in contrast to dependent upon Christ's actions).

Most interesting.


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Blogger Austin said...

Great Book! Have you read his book The Seven Sayings of the Savior on the Cross? I just finished it; another great book.  


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