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Monday, June 26, 2006 at 7:55 PM

Reading Deeply

Solo Femininity put up an excellent post on testing and how we respond to it. Check it out.

Jollyblogger posts on predestination and marriage. I love talking about predestination and I love talking about marriage. He combines the two! Who'd have thunk?

Even though Douglas Wilson is still in that weird state where a lot of people say that he's really bad, I've liked a lot of what he's had to say. Check out his latest post on hospitality.

Dan Phillips challenges us on how we do Christianity. Is it “I think God is like...” or “The Bible says...”?

Mark Dever in the Together For the Gospel blog challenges some basic assumptions that underlie preaching. Are we assuming the Gospel and seeking relevance or seeking the Gospel and assuming relevance?

Consider what you and I will do to the Gospel message in our churches if we continue to change the "presentation" of the Gospel until we begin to get a response.

Pursue faithfulness and relevance. Know that the Gospel is always relevant. NEVER assume the Gospel.

Finally, Reformation Theology gives us some quotes to ponder. Take your time while reading this!

Bookwise, I've been reading Darwin's Black Box. It discusses the biochemical challenge to Darwinian evolution, claiming (and defending well) the claim that there are irreducible complex systems that exist at the foundational basic level which cannot be explained by evolution. An insightful and captivating read! I would highly recommend it for all people, even if they're not interested in biology at all, since evolution is so prominent in society today.


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