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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 1:10 PM

Reading Deeply

There is always far too much good stuff floating around. Here's what I've liked the past few weeks:

Reformation Theology posts on Martin Luther and the certainty of truth. It also posted an excellent response to a question on Calvinism.

Team Pyro churns out another pile of good stuff. This one is on unanswered questions in the Bible and the need to know. Check it out.

Shepherds' Fellowship (where John Macarthur sometimes blogs!) has a few excellent posts. One by Phil Johnson on what is wrong with the emergent church. And another one on pragmatism, and why it's a threat to churches today.

"Evangelism does not require salesmen, but prophets. "

The question of gender roles and the like have crossed my path again. Here is an excellent post on 1 Timothy 2:12 regarding a book "Women in the Church." Read the whole thing.

Along similar lines, Al Mohler sounds the call for biblical manhood and womanhood.

Vincent Cheung is still working through his commentary on 1 Peter. Here he addresses the fear of God.

Bookwise, I just finished Mark Dever's "9 Marks of a Healthy Church." An excellent and insightful book, packed full of insights and Scripture. Within it, Dever lays out 9 marks that the modern day church have neglected and needs to be restored:

These are:
1) Expositional Preaching
2) Biblical Theology
3) The Gospel
4) A Biblical Understanding of Conversion
5) A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism
6) A Biblical Understanding of Church Membersip
7) Biblical Church Discipline
8) A Concern for Discipleship and Growth
9) Biblical Church Leadership

As a side note, he lays out "ideals" here and for the practical side of it, check out his other book "The Deliberate Church."


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