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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 2:14 PM

Where I've been posting...

As of late, most of my efforts in the blogging world has been spent in dialogue (and debate) with Puritan Belief on his views of the Trinity. If you would like, feel free to hop on over to see what we've been talking about.

The whole discussion began when Puritan Belief posted "Jesus Christ is in you" in which he stated that Jesus Himself must be in a believer in order for them to be saved. Presenting an interesting form of theology on God, Puritan Belief denied the traditional formulation of God as Triune and instead claimed that "Jesus is the Father." It took a long line of questioning before this conclusion was reached.

Puritan Belief followed up with Emmanuel our Advocate. Again, discussion followed on the topic of the Trinity. This is where I jumped in. The previous blog post on the Trinity was posted on such a topic, I hope to follow up with it in the future, answering specifically jefe's questions.

As the comments continued to flow, with a number of people writing long enough for short essays, Puritan Belief posted another post Show us the Father? where he continued to present his beliefs on what Scripture claimed. Headway was made in clarification, but there still were a number of questions.

The latest post is What is the Father's Name?

The last few are the ones I've been replying to.

Now, a person may ask "why bother? Who cares what someone believes? Why are you wasting everyone's time on this topic? Didn't you recommend Puritan Belief's blog posts in the past? Why don't you go ahead and let him post the other stuff that has been encouraging instead of this debate that does not seem to be?"

I hope to answer that soon.

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Blogger Joanna Martens said...

I always get a little cautious when any Joe Blow comes along and challenges a fundamental belief, or doctrine of Christianity. The trinity has been understood as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit since- well, they've been around since creation, so when someone comes along and challenges it, I would strongly question them. Not only are they contradicting the Word of God itself, but they are also challenging years of intense scholarly research and debate...
Of course, we're always going to have these people with us, that is just the enemy trying to disunite the churce- but praise God for His soveriegnty over His Holy Writ and providing excellent examples for through Spurgeon, Edwards, OWen, and Pink just to name a few...
Peace out  


Blogger jazzycat said...

A lot of us have been commenting over at Purtian Belief. You have really done a great job with your comments as the trinity is considered a core orthodox doctrine.



Blogger Modern Day Magi said...

I strongly agree with you in the importance of the Trinity as correct understading of scripture and God himself. I am deeply saddened by the downward spiral of PB and his blog. I know PB personally and he truly does study and seek the word of God. He is decieved in this area and needs prayer and patience and grace.
I understand your decision to walk away from the debate on the Trinity as ground will no be made at this pont. I do hope however (But understand if it cannot be so) that you will not totally abandon PB, and will return once he begins to discuss other more fruitful things.



Blogger Gordon Cloud said...

MXU--I too appreciate your comments and thoughts at Puritan Belief. It is saddening that someone would abandon the truth.  


Blogger Joanna Martens said...

Thanks for stopping by. I realized after i posted the pictures that most of my friends would probably ignore the cut and get a kick out of my shirt instead...
but that's what i get for hanging out with theological nuts.


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