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Monday, April 17, 2006 at 5:50 PM

Trinity question 1

While I'm sure Theocentric is more than capable of answering the questions himself, I promised to respond, albeit a bit briefer than I expected:

Here's part 1) jefe writes:
theocentric writes:
"If you deny the Trinity, you deny the clear teachings of Scripture. ...the regenerate heart loves the word of God."
let's say we grant both of those points (i'm not so sure, but let's say). does it really follow that trinitarianism is essential to being "saved"?

i don't think that's a valid argument. for instance, the scriptures say that Jehu the son of Jehosaphat conspired against Joram (2 Kings 9:14). the bible's much more explicit on this than any of the claims about the trinity. but i don't think anybody would say this proposition is essential to christian belief. if an ignorant person like me got in an argument with you, saying, "Jehu never conspired against Joram", would you really think that put my savedness into question?
How I see it:

Belief (and action in accordance to such a belief) in the authority of the Word of God is necessary for salvation. One cannot, in view of Scriptural teachings on its own authority, reject Scripture explicitly.

Explicit rejection and denial of a clear teaching of the Word of God entails a rejection of the authority of the Word of God.

Thus I would say, yes, if you're rejecting the prepositional statement "Jehu never conspired against Joram" in spite of clear Biblical witness (setting aside those issues of textual criticism and the like), I would say you were denying the authority of God in His Word, and thus would put my fellowship with you at stake. Now of course only God knows who is His and who is not, it may be that one day he will bring you to an acceptance of His Word, so I cannot make a judgment call as to if you are one of the elect or not, but I certainly can act as if you were not a member of the church, as I would be commanded to.

The Trinity may not be as clear as a sentence like that, but it is very clear all over the rest of Scripture, in the OT and the NT (though the NT is a lot more explicit).

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