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Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 11:39 PM

Simply thankful

It's interesting how God uses little tiny things to come together for something that blesses me tremendously. I guess I wanted to share one today.

I originally wasn't going to go to the church homecoming/reunion. I hadn't actually left, there was nothing to come back to, and there wasn't anyone I knew that was coming back. All the people I knew were already there on Sundays. But when a friend called and asked if was arraging rides, since she was the only one thus far, I figured I might as well go, if just to keep company. So I called the few other people I knew were going up, figured out who was driving where/when and so on. Called by my friend. Turns out that she doesn't actually want to go anymore, but since I had already arranged everything, I decided to go anyways.

Got there, got to know a number of people. The "founding fathers" of the ministries that I was now involved with. Got a chance to see just how old KCPC actually was. Everyone brought their wives and children, some of them had actually married people within KCPC! Cool beans. But it was a little bit weird, like what was I supposed to talk about with people who were twice my age? Who had gone through KCPC before I got out of grade school? But it was good. Challeged me to introduce myself, to talk to people, to ask questions of people, to get to know what lay ahead. Somewhat of an atypical typical day I guess. Like nothing extraordinary.

But what made it awesome, and what prompted this blogpost, was the car ride back. During the car ride, I got a chance to get to know someone that I already knew, someone who was still actually involved with KCPC and someone whom I had seen around all the time and known and talked to, but just not at a deeper level. Through the discussion, I just could not stop thinking, "wow, I can't believe I never talked to this person earlier" along with "praise God!" I really felt like I found another brother, where before we were just passing aquaintances/friends.

So praise the Lord. I must confess I was quiet the surprised at how God used the circumstances (since all arrows pointed to an "eh" experience). But I am so thankful now that I went, that 30 minute car ride made quite the difference.



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Blogger Frank Martens said...

been there, done that :)

It's awesome when and where God works :)  


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