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Thursday, April 06, 2006 at 9:11 PM

Reading Deeply

I still owe a post or two on the Trinity and a response to jefe's question. Apologies.

I'm also planning on posting my opinion on Asian-American churches. Personally I find the concept of one extra-biblical at best and unbiblical at worst. If anyone has any reasons why we should have Asian American churches (and we have to define what we mean by this, maybe it may be the case that we are in agreement but don't agree on the terminology), I'd like to hear it. But I will post my reasons in the future.

For now, here are some thought provokers:

Al Mohler reflects on the mystery of marraige.

Faith and Practice posts an interview with the author of the book "A Fight to the Death: Taking Aim at Sin Within."

Here's an excerpt:
On top of all that, one of the keys to overcoming sinful desire is replacing it with a greater righteous desire, a desire for the glory of God. Right now, I’m meeting with around 30 tenth-grade boys for an hour a day to talk about sexual purity. And one of the things I most want them to understand is that you fight desire with desire. You don’t fight sinful sexual desire simply by saying no to sinful sexual desire, though obviously that’s an element. It’s essential that we fight sinful sexual desire by filling ourselves up with an even greater righteous desire for the glory of God. And I’m certainly not going to have that greater righteous desire for God if I don’t know Him. To put it another way, if I truly know Him, how can that not produce powerful, life-transforming desires for Him?
Triablogue, in the midst of battling evil, posts an interesting interpretation of Matthew 25. I think I agree.

Reformation Theology posts an overview of Romans 8-9. I know those who will read it already either agree with me or disagree with me on this case and that post won't change anything. I still thought it was a good post.

Triablogue continues along the same vein and posts a bit more polemical piece, "the philosophy of monergism."

wuser posts her thoughts on why God decreed suffering. Short and sweet.

Nathan White posts an interesting thought on inviting the lost to church. I can't say (right now) I agree 100%, but the post certainly is thought provoking.

Al Mohler posted a thought provoking piece on secular education and it's impact. At first I thought he was writing off all secular education, but I think he's really sounding the call for people to come prepared with a Biblical worldview and bring it to school rather than coming to school to be fed their worldviews. Amen to that.



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Blogger Mike Perrigoue said...

Hey, I saw you over at Nathan Whites. Thought I'd come check you out.

I see you like some of the same blogs I do. Good stuff!

I'm intrigued by your thoughts on the Asian Churches. You know...I've never thought about it that way before. And now that I do, I guess I do find it a bit strange for a group of Christians to gather based on race...  


Blogger cwu said...

i can see your view on asain american churches, but when it comes to language, i find it necessary. it's hard to minister to a church who doesn't understand what you're saying. if i attended the mandarin service, i would be at a loss even though i understand some mandarin. i only know it on a conversational basis. i would understand some of it, but it just wouldn't be the same if it had been give in english. in the cantonese service, i'd be totally clueless as to what's going on. i guess the reason some churches have "chinese" in their name, it just means that they offer chinese translations. of course, that may not be the only reason, but it doesn't mean someone of another race can't join us in worship.  


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