Drinking Deeply

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 1:39 PM

Some things to think about

1. Is it appropriate to use a lack of explicit declaration of one's spiritual beliefs in an autobiography as grounds for assuming someone isn't a believer? (I'm not talking about Christian fiction, but specifically an autobiography-like memoirs book)

2. Psalm 103 begins: Bless the Lord O my soul...

What does bless mean? I'll be honest, it doesn't fit in with my personal definition of bless right now.

3. What is one to do when asked by a non-religious person to pray for the meal?

I usually politely decline because I don't want to use it as a time for preaching at them (though Lord willing the Gospel comes through through that conversation or later), yet I feel uncomfortable interceeding with God as if they were believers.

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Blogger Joanna Martens said...

Here are my convictions:
1.) not sure what you meant here.
2.) Bless = give glory by praising.
3.) I'm glad you brought this up. If someone asked me to pray over a meal in the midst of unbelievers I would praise God for the opportunity to STATE what is already TRUTH: God is sovereign Lord. Simply thanking Him for His providence in supplying food in Jesus' name is just that- simply thanking Him.
you get 10 more bonus points.  


Blogger jefe said...

"I feel uncomfortable interceding with God as if they were believers."

what do you mean by that?  


Blogger mxu said...

Hmm, maybe the word choice was not the best. Let me try to explain.

When thanking God prior to a meal, I like to praise Him and request that he would use the food to nourish our bodies so that we may better worship Him.

When asked by a group of people whom either a) worship a false God or b)don't worship a God at all, this poses a slight issue for me because I am uncomfortable praying for these superficial blessings without praying for the greatest blessing of all, a conviction of sin leading to repentance and an acceptance of Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior under which they may be saved.

Thus I have a couple choices: 1) Pray for the meal, but pray inwardly for their salvation. 2) Pray for both 3) do something else.

The phrase you quoted refers to my issue with 1). I don't feel like it would be intellectually honest with those who are listening.  


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