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Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 1:41 AM

Sharing the Joy

So over the winter break I had the chance to be a counselor for our youth group winter camp. During that time I had 3 kids, all 10th and 11th graders. While/Since I didn't agree too much with the speaker and his emphasis, I spent a lot of time talking to them about all sorts of things, necessity of Scripture, what that means, the nature of sin, the nature of man, essentially as much of a systematic as I could squeeze in there. We talked about the doctrines of grace, of God, of His glory, and all sorts of things, worship, communion, baptism, prayer...

But anywho, so winter camp ended and I went back to Stanford, wondering how much of an impact it would have. It certainly left a great impact on me (and has given me a great desire to serve youth in that manner... it was sheer joy to listen to their growing convictions and thirst for the Word). So I prayed for them. I knew for all of them that was most likely the first time they've really heard about sin, God's nature, God's glory, and God's grace hammered repeatedly, so I prayed. I tried to keep in touch via AIM and email, but I guess they were just busy. I kept a prayer card for them, updating it once.

But, miracles of miracles, I had the chance to talk to one of the kids today, as we wrapped up prayer meeting (as I am now in Naperville). He mentioned to me about how I talked about this radical change, from the root, this new heart and a replacing of a heart of stone, a raising from the dead, and he was like "yeah, one day, when I was reading my Bible... it happened, and I broke down and wept, I don't know why, but now I know I just want to read and read, 15 minutes like I used to do isn't enough. It's hard though, I forget a lot." And I could not begin to tell you how much joy those words brought to my heart. So many times I considered putting the prayer card away, thinking "well, anything that's done is done," and so glad now that I didn't. So yeah, praise God for repentance He has worked. Praise God that He allowed me to be part of that story, and praise Him that He allowed me to see this glimpse of what He's doing. PTL


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