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Friday, March 10, 2006 at 4:12 PM


So apparently I never posted about Resolved!

That is a mistake I must remedey immediately.

What was Resolved you ask? Well, according to their website:

Last February, the Resolved Conference included people from 25 states and 4 countries. Through expository preaching and Christ-exalting worship, God awakened hearts to enjoy His glory.

On January 13, we invite you to join with us at RESOLVED 2006.

Sponsored by John MacArthur's church, Grace Community Church, they had Rick Holland, John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, and C.J. Mahaney, and guest Carolyn Mahaney speak 10 sessions. To put it simply, it was awesome, and here is why:

1) Sound Biblical preaching - Many of the texts were very familiar: The Narrow Gate, The Binding of Isaac, Ephesians 1, The Prodigal Son. Some were not: Psalm 93, Jesus' anointing at Bethany. All of them were approached in a manner where true biblical principles were drawn out of sound biblical interpretation. Verses were not taken out of context, passages, if referenced, were properly interpreted. Our application flowed directly from the text. The interpretations of the texts were not new and innovative. No, they were old and archaic, because they were interpretations that were faithful (as best as the preachers were able) to God's interpretation. When each sermon was over, there was a distinct sense that they could have said, "thus saith the Lord" and the congregation could respond "amen."

2) Reverance for the Word - Closely related to the above is the approach of reverance to the Word of God. Don't get me wrong, all the preachers were great people, laughing and joking, and it was so cool to see them act as... humans. But when the Word of God was opened all humor dropped away. Not because the text removed all the fun out of the atmosphere, but because God's Word was treated with a holy reverance. There was no casual joking around the Word of God. Instead, the laughter and the joking dissolved in the midst of passion, lamentation, joy, and grace. God's Word was being expounded, and it had a profound effect upon the entire group, both preacher and listener alike.

3) Refuting error and Christ-centered - Every message incorporated pointing out why the passage was so important, addressing the dangers of forgetting about it, what has been happening in the evangelical world today, and so on, at the same time each message demonstrated what a Biblical perspective and the issues are from the text. Finally, each message focused in upon Christ, the center of our worship and the center of Scripture. The cross was painted in every message, and it was shown how evident God's grace was, in all of Scripture: Old and New Testaments, Wisdom, Psalm, Historical Narrative, and so on.

4) A true revival-like atmosphere - I'm not talking about the emotion filled, slowly played songs with the lights dimmed on repeat, I'm talking about a room of thousands of people, eager to hear God's Word, eager to discuss what they have been convicted about, encouraged in, reminded of, a group of people that, when John MacArthur's hour long message on the Prodigal Son stopped, wondered why instead of turning for the exits. It reminded me of Nehemiah 8

Would God bring a day that we would all stand from early morning to midday to hear the Word of God!

5) Deepened relationships and encouraging talks- Through the 6 hour drive down to LA (one way), the nights and days spent together, the conversations over meals, the times spent walking around, sitting there and reading, playing cards, all in the midst of the biblical preaching, the hard questions, and the encouraging discussion, I was blessed to be able to strengthen and deepen relationships with people that I had known (some of them well I would say) and listening to them, hearing their burdens, sharing mine, hearing testimonies, and basically fellowshipping, living in devotion to the Apostles' teachings and the fellowships, to prayer and the breaking of bread. It was all in all an amazing experience. It was particularly sweet to hang out with Wesley, whom I got to know in Alaska, just to catch up and see how he has been and be encouraged and blessed by how God had grown him.

Would I go again next year? Absolutely. Am I planning on buying the DVDs and holding "watching a sermon from Resolved" parties? Yup. Did I feel God was glorified, Christ magnified, and Scripture pronounced? For sure.

So that was Resolved. It was convicting, encouraging, blessing, and Christ-centered.

Oh, and here's a picture of me captivated during a message. Near dead-center staring as if frozen. Yup, that's me.

Oh! And you should come next year. Whoever you are.


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Blogger Liz said...

Thanks for posting about Resolved! I was there and it truly was awesome. I liked your idea about holding "Watch a Resolved DVD" parties. I didn't get the DVDs but I do have the CDs and look forward to listening to them. I am have the privilege of going to Grace Community Church...but I wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to come to Resolved...I know that you had to come a distance! In Christ Alone, Liz  


Blogger WesleyHsi said...

agreed. agreed agreed, and agreed  


Blogger Joanna Martens said...

I have two words: JOHN. PIPER. :-D see you there!  


Blogger Tim said...

It should be a great conference. Check out these shirts I made for the conference.

Resolved #6  


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