Drinking Deeply

Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 5:38 PM

Reading Deeply

Tim Challies puts up a post on the study of history. It was informative and convicting.

He gives us a number of reasons:

God Tells Us To, To Understand The Present Climate, To Understand the Future, To Understand Providence, To Understand Error, To Understand People, To Understand Endurance

Convinced me.

Wayfaring Pilgrim puts up an amazing post on the church and social action. Convicting.

Doxoblogy puts up a post on confronting error. He ends on this note:
Further, being confrontational is not just for the sake of confrontation. The purpose of confrontation must always be for the preservation of the truth of the Gospel. The Gospel is God's truth entrusted to the Church. It is our duty to keep it pure and unmixed with the leaven of error.
We owe this much to our God.
Evan May puts up a post on apostates and evangelism. A lot of very informative thoughts to a lot of questions I had been thinking about. Take a look. He also put up an excellent post on corporate worship and how it fits into the church. Good stuff!

Worship Matters puts up an impressive post answering the question, "how do we receive encouragement." Reminds me of an earlier question I had raised. A good response.

The Potter's Clay
put up an excellent quote on a Christian approach to affliction. Simply amazing.

Haven't been reading, had finals. Hope everyone is doing well.


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