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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 11:27 PM

Reading Deeply

Triablogue puts up an excellent post examining the parachurch movement and insightful commentary.

Team Pyro continues it's streak of putting up amazing posts left and right. Check it out. Then bookmark their site.

Another team blog, Together for the Gospel, has a lot of excellent posts as well. Check out CJ Mahaney's post on glorifying God in sports with his son. Praise God for men like this.

Beauty for Ashes
posts an excellent thought on faithfulness in contrast to ritualism. Convicting.

Vincent Cheung
has finished another article. Recall, Repent, Return, which is, I believe, the first exposition on a section in Revelation I have read. Check it out.

Bookwise I have been reading John Piper's God is the Gospel. It's certainly excellent, especially the part where he talks about death being a gift and no longer a curse for those who are in Christ. (to live is Christ and to die is gain!). The focus of the book is to move a Christian from enjoying the gifts of salvation more than the end of salvation: true fellowship with God. I think he's right though sometimes I wonder if the terminology he's using pushes people to think that salvation is focused upon them. I know John Piper does not believe that, and a cursory reading of any of his other books will demonstrate that, but I wonder if he could have used different words. Whatever the case, the book is worth reading.

I've also been reading Growing Healthy Asian American Churches, edited by Peter Cha, S. Steve Kang, and Helen Lee. There is a lot that the book correctly points out that is wrong in the Asian American Church and can be corrected, but in all honesty there are much better books on church, as all churches face similar or identical problems that the Asian American church does. Interesting read, but for a far better treatment, I still suggest Mark Dever's Deliberate Church.

Blog of the post: Together for the Gospel. Check it out. It's by 4 very godly men, all pastors, and their playful posts show a great side as well as a compassion for the Gospel.


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Blogger Jonathan said...

Hi Mickey,

I was surprised to see a link of my post on your blog. Haha, I feel unworthy. It started out as a Devotional. Which later became greek word study on "pistis" (faith). I praise God that His work is great, even tho' my life is so small.



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