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Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 9:37 AM

Lord of rest

So have you noticed that I like to start sentences with "so"? I find that interesting. As someone who is taught never to do that, being unable to introduce a topic in a different manner is daunting to say the least.

But anyways...

So I had gotten a bit less sleep than usual two nights ago (Tuesday night), woke up early and managed to make it to my 9am class. That was near a miracle in itself. After class was over at 11, I decided to take a short nap because I had small group in the afternoon and if I stayed up I'd probably not be able to think straight at all.

I plopped down at around 11:15, set my alarm for 12:30 (planned to skip lunch) and fell promptly asleep. I woke up refreshed and energized, and then I thought "Oh no, I must have slept for like 3 hours and missed small group!" so I grabbed my phone (alarm) and looked at it.

It was 11:30.

I was like "whoa!" And then I was like "WHOA!" And then I promptly went back to sleep, overjoyed that I was already fairly rested and eager to get more. I woke up at 12:30 and basically... had a good day. It was supposed to be really stressful small group, writing an essay, finishing up a problem set, preparing for an exam... yadda yadda, but after that nap? It was good.

I thought that was simply awesome. Praise the Lord, our God of rest, not just the physical rest that we have on our Sabbath, but the unending rest that we now find in Christ, our Savior and redeemer.

Grace, mercy, and peace to you

sidenote- just stumbled upon those gem: Relax from the stresses of life

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Blogger curtis said...

hey mickey! i enjoy reading your blog every day. interestingly, i remember praying for you bc leslie asked me to--at this time i didn't even know you--and about a week later, you believed!



Blogger Joanna Martens said...

Thanks for this post. I think a little more of your personality came out! :-) God is indeed the provider and sustainer in our lives. He's the One that even makes it possible to reproduce blood cells!
Keep up the hard work, even though we grow weary, God is strong. :-)
1 Chron. 15:7! <--- I stumbled on this verse a while back when I was overloaded with homework. I'm about to enter my spring break this coming week, I pray I honor God in my time of rest.
ps. where do you live anyway? (I'm in OC, but I go to grace church).  


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