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Monday, February 13, 2006 at 4:37 PM

Reading Deeply

Some more posts, some of them older, some of them newer.

In the midst of all this "End of the Spear" controversy, Tom Ascol has a story of how the gospel can be shared with those who are in the midst of homosexuality. Praise God for men like this.

David Wayne posts on how not to respond to the issue of homosexuality, as well as how godly men are responding to it today.

David Wayne also addresses how churches today seem to be assuming that the sinners are actually sinless, and gives some suggestions for how to get back on track, the Biblical track.

Dan Edelen posts on 21 steps to a 21st century church. As someone who someone mentioned was "against all program driven things," this is one program I would love to see my church get on.

The Christian Courier addresses the Imprecatory Psalms.

Dan Phillips, one of the members of team pyro, has started a series on interpreting proverbs. Excellent stuff.

RazorsKiss posts an excellent post on defining faith and how faith is not "unjustified and blind belief"

Blog of the post would be one of a few new group blogs: Together for the Gospel, which is a combination of 4 people I respect a great deal.

Bookwise I've been reading Sam Storm's Convergence (on Charismatics and Calvinists) and a commentary on Job by Steve Lawson. Convergence review will come more in depth in the future, but for now, Job has been excellent. As someone who often feels like he has the answers, it was incredibly convicting to see how Job's friends mishandled the truth and a more proper way to do counseling.


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