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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 9:42 PM

Winter Camp and an invite

Winter camp was great. I was mad blessed by my small group, the fellow servants, the great discussions, honest questions, late night prayer, and so on. Ask me about specifics.

Well, one thing I'm doing for my small group (and also because a lot of people asked me about what I covered in small group, where we discussed a lot of different topics, some of them from the speaker, some not) is typing up a summary (and by summary I mean I'm fleshing out a lot of the points I wish I could have made but got sidetracked), of what I covered.

It's kind of long so it's coming out piecewise in emails. Let me know if you'd be interested in being placed on the email list. Whatever the case, I'll be posting some of the more interesting stuff here. (Matthew 6 was one of those)

Thus far I've covered:

the value of our story- testimonies
Primacy of the intellect
Bible study of Matthew 6:25-34
the importance of Scripture
An explanation and examination of Ephesians 1 (Predestination Part 1)

To come:

Predestination parts 2,3,4 - Ephesians 2, John 6, Romans 8-9
The Gospel - Ephesians 2 ->Calvinism and the 5 Solas
The Gospel - Double Imputation Romans 6
Loving God with all our mind - Refuting St. Francis of Assisi
Spiritual warfare
Dating and relationships
God focused music
Unity - What it means and what we need to achieve it.
Emotionalism and Revivalism


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Blogger Joanna Martens said...

What church do you attend? The camp sounds totally sweet.


Anonymous Puritan Belief said...

Hi I would be interested in being placed on your email list. Some meaty topics coming up.  


Blogger Doug E. said...

looking forward to some of those future posts.



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