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Friday, January 06, 2006 at 12:23 PM

Reading Deeply

So I'm finally starting to catch up on all the blog posts I've missed while I've been gone.

Some good reads:

Puritan Belief
gives a brief testimony of William Huntington.

9 Digits
discusses how difficult it is to find a Scripture centered life group.

Her brother Frank weighs in on finding Scripture centered fellowship, and uses that as an excellent launching point to remind us of the Goodness of the Gospel.

Godward Thoughts
continues in his series of great thoughts. Two excellent ones: Saved by Keeping the Law and living "distressed yet victorious"

Girltalk is at it again with excellent thoughts on daily living. Oh, and one of them is raising some crazy children. Memorizing psalms at 5? I have enough trouble memorizing verses!

Laura has an excellent post on the emotionalism and voluntarism in contrast with intellectualism.

Steve Camp reposts a post on hope that I linked to in the past, and I'll link to it again.

Tim Challies
points out the fallibility of exercising human judgment on someone's salvation and (in my mind) calls us back to proper church discipline.

Bookwise I had the blessing to take with me a stack of Vincent Cheung books to winter camp, and the only thing I don't like about his writing is that he covers topics I always think of and wonder how I would address (spiritual warfare is coming up) and goes on to give a biblical answer to it. I feel like I'm being handed the answer instead of thinking on my own. Bah.

Whatever the case, I thought Godliness with Contentment was very convicting, Renewing the Mind had a few insightful chapters, Good and Evil was decent, but basically a logic review, The Parables of Jesus was not structured as I expected, but still a good read, and Samson and His Faith was excellent and insightful. They are all only 50-85 pages or so, quick reads if you have an hour by yourself.

Have I mentioned how blessed I have been this week? It's been great meeting with people, sharing the faith, encouraging one another, getting into discussions about all sorts of things. Praise be to God!


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Anonymous Puritan Belief said...

Many thanks for the mention on William Huntington.

I know you are a deep thinker so I was wondering if you could answer this question for me on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil  


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