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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 3:30 PM

Reading Deeply

Some more decent reads from the past week or so.

This one is amusing.

The Roof Guys has an excellent post on what a guy should be looking for in a girl. It closes with an excellent prayer: (HT Solo Femininity)
"God, you know who you have prepared for me. She is beautiful in your sight both physically and spiritually as your Spirit dwells in her. Help me not to be conformed to this world's definition of what is beautiful. Prepare my heart to be intoxicated by her beauty. May my eyes be prepared to look on her alone and see the beauty you have created."
I have been praying for several years that God would "custom wire" my eyes for my wife. What is important is that my heart is genuinely attracted to her. But that will be a work of grace! No matter where she stands on the world's rating system, I want my heart and mind's affections to be directed towards her."
Adrian Warnock interviews Joshua Harris on mentorship.

Vincent Cheung has started working through some radio sermons. They are a bit longer than the usual fare but only come every few days. I've been convicted by God is Not Mocked and Pure Religion.

One thing he said in the intro to Pure Religion that I need to be reminded of daily

Do not despise the simplicity of the gospel and of devotion to Christ, and do not despise your weaker brothers and sisters, for the intellectual pride with which you look down on them is precisely what makes you less than they are, that is, especially those who are humble and teachable. They are probably doing much more than you are with the little that they know, and practicing greater devotion and obedience. Do not be offended by this comment, as I am not referring to anyone in particular, but this is a general danger for all of us who have spent more time studying technical works than other believers. Knowledge puffs you up if there is no love, no desire to edify. But knowledge is essential as it is the power, the substance, behind the love that edifies. So knowledge will either puff you up, or it will increase your power to edify others. It depends on whether you have the love of Christ. As for preachers, the two most important things are to be accurate and clear, not technical. But it is appropriate to speak slightly above the people’s level, to stretch their thinking and make room for growth.

Blog of the post would have to be Godward Thoughts. It's filled with quotations, encouragements, and prayers that focus one's heart upon Christ and bless me. Check out God's Rod of Discipline

As to books I've been reading, I had the chance to read The Deliberate Church by Mark Dever and Paul Alexander. An excellent behind the scenes look at what makes for a Christ and Gospel centered church. Here's the email I sent off to my pastors in recommending the book for them:

Hey guys,

I mentioned this to some of you, but figured I'd add the rest of you onto the list in case you were interested.

I recently finished an excellent book on the church called "The Deliberate Church" by Mark Dever and Paul Alexander.

It was an excellent read, geared towards pastors who are asking the question: "I have this image of what a Bible based, Gospel centered church looks like, but I don't know how to faithfully get from where we are now to that image. How do I do that?"

It spans a variety of topics from "membership" "discipleship" "leading" "elders" and a whole slew of other things.

I found it Scripture based, insightful, and informative, and though I wasn't a pastor myself I think it's a worthwhile read for people of all walks, if just to understand what a pastor deals with themselves.

Have a blessed Christmas!


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